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17 Mar 2015

Which types of company twitter accounts for your brand strategy ?

Learn about the different editorial lines you can adopt to create a powerful twitter account.

According to the article of Mark Schaefer pour Businesses Grow, we can count 5 types of Twitter company accounts.

The showcase type

These accounts are made to broadcast corporate contents, official statements, career and job opening news. There’s no real interaction, conversation, with the followers.

The undercover type

An account for brands which own a community management’s team who dedicate its time to interact with followers, answer their questions. They are not identifiable, under a corporate logo. However, it still creates a better human aspect with the brand than the showcase type. Some community managers might put their initials to reinforce this feeling.

Blending personal and corporate

It consists in using the name of a real employee of a company to broadcast content that belongs to his role. This type of account features a real person and a real picture but is owned and managed par the company.

Real person in real time

That’s what we call "brand ambassadors". Thanks to a detailed biography and regular interactions with followers, they create a bond of trust with potential buyers. They also make the brand shine on and offline.  It requires to develop their personal branding and control their e-reputation.

Creative Entertaining accounts

If you land a special campaign, or if you own a mascot, you can create an account that broadcasts entertaining storytelling around your brand. 

Image credits: BigStock

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