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28 Mar 2015

What type of social sharer are you ?

In this digitalized global village, people share on social networks for differents reasons, with their own goals. Several studies succeeded in drawing social media user portraits.

Statpro.com has drawn six social media sharer profiles.

The Hipster : he’s young, popular, and creative. He doesn’t use emailing very much. He’d rather use social platforms which allow to share visual and audio contents.

The Careerist : he’s more likely to share specific content on professional social platerforms such as LinkedIn, in order to develop his on-line and off-line network, improve his personal branding and e-reputation, and create opportunities.

The Altruist : He’s reliable, helpful, and mostly use email to share.

The Selective : this type of sharer relay informative content via social media as well as by email. They are thoughtful  and resourceful.

The Boomerang : He’s on several social networks and passionated by social media, he keeps on sharing content to get people attention and reaction.

The Connector : He’s relaxed, thoughtful, have much imagination. He uses social media to organize his life offline.

Which one are you, or would like to become ?

 This infographic also shares interesting stats proving that your company needs digital transformation to improve its business.

- 85 % of people feel more connected to a business when following them.

- 67% of twitter users are far more likely to buy from the brands they follow on twitter.

- In 2017, there will be 57% of CEOS who use social media for customer communication.



Image credits: BigStock

Social Dynamite designs a solution focused on the brand contents broadcasting on social networks. We aim at developping the digital influence of brands and their visibility on the Internet within a structuring process. Social Dynamite is an efficient and simple suite of tools that was initially created for our clients. 

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