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29 Aug 2015

Twitter launches a new event targeting feature.

Thanks to Twitter analytics on audiences, you can now launch a campaign of targeted advertisements during events.

During worldwide events, such as the World Cup, The Olympics or recently the Tour de France, millions of people chose Twitter to express themselves and access to the last main news. In many cases, these events are major opportunities for  marketers to connect with consumers.

In order to benefit from these global events, last week, Twitter annonced the launch of a new “event” feature for his own ads tool, to identifiy the events that match the most with targeted audiences, and build personalized campaigns for their clients.

This tool will also give access to a calendar of the upcoming big events.

Patricio Robles explains to us in his article that, during the Tour De France, the Twitter’s tool could show that more than 20 millions users interacted around this event, that 64% of them were men, and that most of them accessed to Twitter through their smarthphones.

Twitter’s event tool will also give you informations such as how many tweets and how many impressions of tweets were sent during the event.

Of course, analysis of live events requires an effective marketing team prepared to act very rapidly and adapt their campaign to the audience targeted.


Photo credit: Bigstock

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