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29 Jun 2014

The Third Life of the Content D +1: diffusion on social networks

Use the new hubs of Hearing by broadcasting on social networks.

Your article is now available on your news website, but know that his life is just beginning! If you have not read our previous articles with the first two lives of the content, this is an opportunity to catch up. Find out the interest of the first content life with public relations and Second Life concerning the publication on a brand space. Large audience hubs are today in social networks. Impossible to miss! So why wait only D+1 and the third life of your content to make it resonate in social networks?

Why diffuse D+1 on social networks?

It is precisely to corroborate Second Life content that we recommend to wait for the following day to spread your news in social networks. It is indeed to give the scoop to your recurring readers.

In order to make them priority on your content, a one-day time lag respects their loyalty. Even if you are impatient, the very next day, you disseminate information in social networks to the widest possible extent.

Do not limit to the channels of the brands, consider including your ambassadors. We also recommend you to distribute your best content, in your communities as LinkedIn and Viadeo.

What are the real interests?

  • Increase your relevant traffic by social readings,
  • Boost your SEO through social signals
  • Promote hearings virality

“TIPS” of Social Dynamite

  • No more than one group per day,
  • 10% of the content of the group can be posted by you. Ex: if the LinkedIn group you belong which shows only 10 posts per day you will publish once a day on this group.
  • Script involvement of your leaders, employees and other ambassadors through like, retweet, LinkedIn shares... To learn more about how to become an Entreprise 2.0 go here.

Appointment on July 27 for the fourth content life!

And do not forget to visit the GiveMe7 website for more information.

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Social Dynamite role is to help organizations to create business opportunities with their digital presence such as social networks. Social Dynamite is an efficient and simple suite of tools that was initially created for our clients. It is 100% content marketing oriented. 

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