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The Second Life of Content D0: publish your content

By digitizing your content, you can optimize your SEO.

After a lifetime in "public relations" off and online, your content fully fall into the digital.

By publishing your content on your brand space, the goal is to capitalize on SEO. All contents brought to be posted on social networks, should ground their web presence to benefit from SEO capital.

The principle of long tail

You must choose keywords that generate a lot of visitors, but without neglecting the long tail. The long tail effect means "keywords that each attract few visitors on a website, but the accumulated may represent a significant portion of the total traffic of a site" (source: Wikipedia).

The long tail attracts a smaller volume of searches but with low competition, it is easier to be at the top of the results. Each keyword (expressions of three terms or more) gives you a very limited number of visitors, but end to end, they are the ones that will bring almost all of your traffic. To do this, you need a lot of keywords and produce a lot of content!

Long Tail


Some “Tips”:

  • Select your semantic universe. Do not suffer.
  • Apply the principle of netlinking by linking words to other published articles in your site.
  • Apply the principle of the long tail (above).
  • Repeat the promotion of old items, they allow fetch visitors with information from a different angle.

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