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16 Oct 2015

Social Medias strategies to lead the e-commerce market

Social medias are changing the way we shop and the retail industry needs to adapt

Nowadays, new opportunities have emerged for social medias.  They managed to successfully combine with e-commerce using amazing technologies, and niche communities.

Social networking app


With a simple click, Instagram users can become shoppers and the e-commerce industry needs to adapt. Thankfully  to API, this social media is officially open for business.

Social media dedicated to discovery and curation of other people’s images and videos


The Pinterest social media network users can buy with buyable  ‘pins’. You can use Pinterest’s “autocomplete” feature to guide your choices. Pinterest’s potential lies in its ability to understand users’ intent and a distinct advantage is that users come to the site to find new products.

Community powered social commerce platform


Polyvore is a platform that is specified for fashion, beauty and interior design.  The most successful clients build their own sets, and add their own products to the mix. It’s a great way to gain visibility. The average order value for eCommerce traffic from Polyvore is significantly higher than that of any other platform. You have to design sets that can be shared on social networks and people who see how your products integrate into their lifestyle, you’ll be successful. Those sets looks like to those seens in fashion magazines.  In this way, you can get lots of views, comments and favorites. People can browse through the collections and then buy the items.

Video social media


YouTube platform is the second largest search engine on the web and it generates millions of dollars in revenue each year for e-commerce. In fact, many consumers are looking to YouTube for advices on products they would like to buy like consumer electronics, or cosmetics.  Most of users, are watching videos which are concentrated in the product, the demo, description, and testimonial videos before buying the products. YouTube is a new frontier for ecommerce, as it provides new marketing channels and additional visibility.

Social networking website which generates ‘the most’ traffic and sales


Facebook like the others social media platforms became an effective tool for a prosperous business. Its impact in e-commerce is undeniable.

Facebook added new call to action button,to help pages driving business objectives. Moreover the Carousel Ad on mobile shows that e-commerce clients have seen significant revenue increases. With this Ad format on Facebook, you have the ability to show your best products and attract more sales.  

Social medias marketing trends are likely to develop and they're all trying to make mobile ads more effective due to surpass desktop revenues. The mobile became the primary digital media platform . With those technologies, those media offers new options customer who are influentials more than before.


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Social Dynamite designs a solution focused on the brand contents broadcasting on social networks. We aim at developping the digital influence of brands and their visibility on the Internet within a structuring process. Social Dynamite is an efficient and simple suite of tools that was initially created for our clients. 

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