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25 Jun 2015

Social media : ready for visual listening ?

As visuals are becoming the most-used type of content across social networks, marketers need to take into consideration this parameter in their analysis.

Thanks to a ton of tools, marketers are used to listen to the noise made on the web by their brand. We call noise the conversation happening around a brand or a product on social media, that impacts on its notoriety, visibility, and e-reputation. Visuals are easier to consume, that’s a fact. Videos and photos are about to surpass text in social conversation. Brands realize that and are investigating platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, to broadcast their brands. This made easier by the technical developments of advertising and selling solutions by the developers of each social firms.

From a textual to a visual world.

The thing is, analytics tools and measurement platforms are built for a textual world, and can’t fully register the nuances of visuals. As a concequence, it is today pretty difficult to know what’s the full social media noise made by a  brand. In this article from Simply Mesured, Jade Furubayashi presents an incredible image recognition tool that can scan social users’ images to detect brands’ logos. In case you are posting a picture of you eating your favorite ice cream without mentioning its name, Ditto will be able to analyze if your shot is contening the logo of your treat, wich will allow marketers to count your post as a brand signal.

Why scanning social users’ pictures ?

As David Rose, Ditto Labs founder, explains it in this article for Marketing Magazine, brands can use his solution for three reasons :

- to do a focus on a group of users and analyze their consumption habits

- as a competitive set : how often is my product being used, and where versus my competitors

- to discover the affinities of the users with other products : what else are they into ?

Looking ahead, as brands experiment with virtual reality innovations like Oculus Rift and Google Glass, you can expect new kinds of visual experiences that will look and feel quite different — immersive and multi-sensory.

Photo credit: Bigstock

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