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[Infographic] – Best times to post on social media

At the time to share your publication on networks, a common question is: when and how often to publish properly reach your target B2B?

Create quality content is one thing. To make sure that they are seen, read and share by the right audience is better.

Social Dynamite, an expert in content management, wished to share his experience and expertise regarding the art of publishing on social networks. Because if publish frequently is a key to success, publish at the right time and at the right frequency is equally important.

Panorama of the usefulness of social networking B2B

Social networks are now embedded in our daily lives and their use has become essential for any digital communication.

The presence on social networks B2B meets the following goals:

  • 84% to improve brands awareness,
  • 74% to generate leads,
  • And 71% to acquire customers.

Five platforms are mainly used by B2B marketers, headed by LinkedIn at 91%, followed by Twitter with 85% and Facebook to 81%. Follow Youtube, Google+, Slideshare and Pinterest. We note that young users increasingly playing a buyers role in the field of B2B. Finally B2B audiences on Facebook are constantly increasing, particularly in the choice of distribution on social networks.

Our recommendation for optimizing the sharing

Generally speaking, publication B2B take place on weekdays between 7 am and 6 pm. But it is also necessary to adapt to each type of platform in order to correspond to the target and peaks audiences.

Observing this schedules allows to obtain maximum engagement on your publications. Theses time slots are known to all web professionals, the competition is intense, and that means to stand out from the others by a relevant content, informative, attractive, with a high added value.

Be careful, these recommendation may vary depending our industry, your target, but also the message you want to convey. You can also refine your communication strategy on social networks.

If that seems constraining, this is normal. The solution: start a blog and make it his main platform publication. By its SEO, it will give to your publications the sustainability that social networks cannot create. But mostly it will allow you to automatically repost at predefined schedule content of your blog toward your social platform. Social Dynamite invites you to make a chore a mere formality and amplify the impact of your communication strategy.

Discover now our recommendation to effectively share on social networks!

Infographic B2B social media

And do not forget to visit the GiveMe7 website for more information.

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Social Dynamite designs a solution focused on the brand contents broadcasting on social networks. We aim at developping the digital influence of brands and their visibility on the Internet within a structuring process. Social Dynamite is an efficient and simple suite of tools that was initially created for our clients. 

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