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23 Jul 2013

BtoB Marketing: a new paradigm?

The role of salespersons in BtoB marketing has evolved with the rise of the web 2.0 and social networks.

Before, there were two roles for a salesperson: they could either be "hunters" or nurturers. The hunter went after clients to introduce the company, the product, in order to convince them to buy the solution/products according to their needs. The nurturer took care of the client after the contract was signed, making sure everything was going smoothly and updating them on new features or products. Basically, nurturers did commercial follow-ups.

Ever since the web 2.0 rose, this paradigm has lost its relevance: the weight of the consumer's voice is stronger and stronger, and simply talking about how amazing your product is won't convince your prospects anymore. The salesperson no longer has to establish a first contact with them. Prospects will come by themselves to the company.

Lead generation and lead nurturing

Indeed, it is the content of a brand or a company that will attract prospects: inbound and content marketing take care of attracting prospects to convert them into leads. Quality content will make the difference here. Basically, inbound marketing means letting your audience come to you through several channels instead of reaching out to get it.  Through qualitative, relevant content, you will create curiosity and interest.

Converting prospects into leads is an important step, but another challenge is to maintain their interest. Again, in order to accomplish this, the company must develop a content marketing strategy, by delivering quality content as an expert. It must be present on social networks, gather feedback from its clients, interact with them and provide them with the content they're looking for.

The evolution of salespersons' roles

The "hunting" salesperson only intervenes at the end: they no longer reach out to clients like they used to. Their new role is to lead prospects to a final signature, not by repeating what they already know, but by offering personalized solutions, to be in touch with the client's needs.

As well as Business to Consumer marketing, Business to Business marketing has been deeply changed by the rise of the web 2.0, social networks, and content marketing; somes BtoB agencies struggle with making the transition to this new paradigm and with establishing an efficient digital strategy.

Agencies like Social Dynamite can help them establishing said strategy, from its conception to its implementation; we can offer a tools platform that is 100% content marketing oriented, to offer a technical solution to companies. Finally, experts on the topic of content marketing that already have a platform to host their content can use our social promotion tool, Content Scenarist, to boost their content through their ambassadors' social profiles.

Social Dynamite is a marketing agency that accompanies corporations and brands for their digital strategies, from conception to implementation. Our solutions are declined into 4 expertise domains: digital strategy, content marketing, social media and search media. To learn more about this, do not hesitate to contact us or to download our tools brochure!

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