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11 Dec 2013

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How to become an Entreprise 2.0 ? Some insights for a smooth transition

What is changing within the Enterprise 2.0 organization model is the way to use tools and technologies in the management to achieve its objectives of performance within the long term. This process requires a deep change of mindset. Even though the employees are already 2.0, they all have a LinkedIn profile, use wikis, You Tube or even have their own blogs, the Enterprise is not evolving as fast in deploying appropriate social technologies.  
Companies are facing 2 big challenges: reconciling employee’s usages with daily ways of working and proposing an appropriate framework to the digital natives to meet their future expectations.

Social Dynamite spotted for you an article an insight & publication from Mackinsey on“Building a social entreprise” written by Michael Chui, Martin Dewhurst, and Lindsay Pollak.

Find below a summary of this article with some insights from Social Dynamite   

Cultural change requires an integrated overview. Technological transformation cannot be left to IT or marketing. Or it will remain there. It cannot be only about technology, because it is also about business and culture.

1. For a smooth transition

The technical solution needs to naturally fit into the day- to-day work flow. MacKinsey recommends open-source social networking software.
You could also conduct a survey amongst your employees to find out what kind of tool they already use to create a continuity.

2. Support is essential

The influence model is key in encouraging the behavioral shift. Identifying ambassadors to evangelize the rest of the internal community is a key success factor.
To enhance ambassador’s involvement you can propose them to manage an internal wiki or blog.

3. Limited top-down

  • The direction needs to be involve but without excluding the experiment & learn model. The atmosphere of experimentation create a different kind of emulation.
  • Your roadmap needs to include regular follow-up to show your support and identify megatrends or weak signals. You can then use your trends analysis to show impact and expand the pilot phase to a larger scale.
    Think big, start small, show impact

4. Track impact

According to MacKinsey, the best approach to metrics is to remain open minded about social initiatives, and not always impose robust metrics from the start. But then it’s critical to put rigorous ones in place once you find that something clearly adds value.

Read the original article here

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