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14 Aug 2013

Community Management in BtoB

Community Managers are often associated with BtoC marketing: what are the specific challenges for BtoB marketing?

Today, in digital marketing, notions such as E-reputation, image, communication on social networks are typically linked to a BtoC marketing strategy. The role of the community manager is the BtoC sector may be clearer than in BtoB marketing. The community is easier to identify, as well as objectives. What is the role of BtoB community manager?

Why do BtoB community management?

One of the biggest challenges for a BtoB community manager - although BtoC community managers face it too - is to be able to communicate on very technical aspects of the brand or company. Their communication strategy on social networks should match the global communication strategy of the brand itself, which a community manager can't define on their own. As soon as objectives are set, the community manager must also be able to measure these objectives thanks to criteria such as website trafic, number of views, numbers of downloads, etc.

Additionally, content marketing is now an unavoidable element of BtoB marketing, as potential clients go directly online to look up information they need.

A BtoB community manager should also be able to detect leads, simply by listening conversations on social networks.

How to build your BtoB community management strategy

First of all, content marketing, which has become crucial for companies, should be optimized to ease lead conversion: in order to do that, a community manager must animate their pages with attractive content (articles, videos, images, etc.) and relevant call-to-actions to boost its SEO as well as its SMO.

On which networks should they communicate? Professional networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo are ideal platforms for the brand's ambassadors to intervene. A community manager can promote content - or have ambassadors promote content, thus boosting their personal branding - they write on the company's blog or newspage they manage. They should, for instance, use LinkedIn's groups or feeds to relay them and encourage sharing. Indeed, LinkedIn groups can be a good communication and discussion channel. LinkedIn has been recognized as the most efficient social platform for BtoB marketing. Twitter and Facebook can also be interesting relays in a BtoB context: collaborators and leaders can be active on them as well and also give a human face to the brand. Youtube can be an interesting platform to present expert point of views - through interviews for instance.

A community manager cannot work on their own in a BtoB context of course: the first ambassadors of a brand should be its collaborators and leaders, and they should help the community manager by relaying their content as well as listening to what is said on social networks. All of this, in order to optimize the company's digital marketing strategy, as well as their own.

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