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6 Dec 2012

C-level and Social Media

Social Media is the new revolution. What about C-level? They must be involved!

Our world is changing! We can even say it's moving faster than ever. One of the biggest leverages in this changing time is the speed of information.

IT (Information Technology) has always been part of organisations. But it was focused on technical aspects and internal security or in other word on risk management. Today, new information channels such as social media or any online collaborative area transform the technical into a real conversationnal era full of opportunities...

What about CEOs, COOs even CMOs? They (you) are a majority to acknowledge the facts (see article about IBM's study). But how are they (you) acting? If the number of online brands that are well engaged on social media is constantly growing, it is not true when we consider personal engagement for C-level.

Why C-level should be engaged on Social Media?

"Because it is their duty !" said Julien Carlier from Social Dynamite. "We convinced lots of CEOs that it was similar to sign articles in newspapers. They are also online ambassadors of their brands. [...] Their shareholders are now asking them to be those ambassadors". But it is not always that easy to be personally engaged. C-level are also living though times for their day to day activities and being reminded to "like" or "retweet" several times a day is quite annoying. On the other hand, retweeting in the middle of the night is not productive neither!

How can C-level be engaged?

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That being said, we can see new tools on the market that are enabling the ambassadors of brands to give the power of their social actions to their communication team: thus they create credibility for the brand towards the community. Said tools can help brand's communication in many other ways: for example, they source content for curation to show your expertise (by adding brands insight); some can automate the social promotion of contents - our automate is actually the key tool of the Social Dynamite platform! Using these new tools make the team more efficient. Digital marketing department/managers can focus on the most important parts of community management, which are first and foremost the creation of personalized, interesting content for your community. Additionally, they can use automates to promote said content with ambassador's voice (for example, automating a "retweet" or a "like" through your own profile).

More information : Social Dynamite, the first tool suite of community management

Read the IBM study on 1700 CEOs here

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