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8 Jul 2013

Brand Content and Social Media: the Red Bull case

Red Bull sets itself apart from other recognizable brands since it essentially built its reputation and brand content on the web.

We previously spoke of the importance of Brand Content, and the benefit a brand gets from displaying its core values in its Brand content strategy, in order to engage a community. Content in itself is not enough if it's not qualitative and if it does not bring a benefit to the consumer.N

In that sense, Red Bull's case is a very interesting case: the brand distinguishes itself since it mostly built its reputation through social networks, thanks mainly to a striking content for the community. It does not limit itself to selling a product: it delivers a defined brand image and offers specific experiences to its consumers. Econsultancy proposes a Red Bull case study, with a focus on several social networks on which the brand is present.


Red Bull's official account has 36 millions of fans ; meanwhile, the brand also manages the Stratos balloon jump (850,000 of fans), X-Fighters (940,000) and its Music Academy (112 000). Its content is very visual and are sport-themed: they promote famous and well-liked; thus, there is little connection between the content and the product itself. It matches the brand's positioning. Red Bull promotes a certain lifestyle focused on energy, sport and performance, much more than it promotes the beverage itself. Nevertheless, Red Bull doesn't answer comment on its publications: it lets the fans interact.


The brand is rather active on Google+ with 1,5 million of followers; their (daily) publications mostly (environ une par jour) match their Facebook ones and receive a good amount of +1s and shares. There aren't as many interactions between fans than on Facebook of Twitter. This is probably due to the fact that webusers are still generally less active on Google+ than on Facebook.


Red Bull has a large number of regional accounts and has 900,000 followers on its main account. They do tend to interact more with the fans than on Facebook, but their engagement on that level is still rather low: from 30 to 40 a day, while the brand is mentioned a few hundred times. Basically, Red Bull tends to let the consumers talk.


Red Bull relies a lot on its visual content: their activity on Pinterest is rather big. The brand manages three pages: one for the company, one for the photography of competitive events, et one for Red Bull Records. The vast majority of pinned or repinned pictures is linked to Red Bull's website. However, the brand suffers from a lack of interactions: despite the regular pinning of branded pictures, very few exchanges are made within the community, despite Pinterest being a very social space on which third-party content has a lot of value.


Red Bull's Brand content strategy on social networks is almost entirely devoted to the brand's values, and very little to the product itself: this is most likely why the brand "dares" to have so few direct interactions with its fans. It wishes to boost its reputation by creating exchanges spaces between sport enthusiasts, along with all its other values. Their strategy is coherent to a current need generally expressed by consumers: they are keen on living personalized experiences when they deal with brands.

Thanks to Econsultancy :

How Red Bull uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

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