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6 Apr 2015

Automatic gifts delivery for social sharing on an event !

Company Innovative Vending Solutions has created a tweet-activated vending machine that rewards people using a hashtag associated to an event.

Brands or event organisers always try to find new ways to engage people on social media, in order to make noise on the web, increase their notoriety and visibility. We have previously talked about the importance of a hashtag to make an event successful. 

Innovative Vending Solutions has understood the challenges of event awareness through social media using, and proposes to exploit that, adding a playful aspect, with automated retail machines. People are more likely to get involved into something when they are rewarded for it. Sales promotion is a classic part of mix marketing, brands and event organizers are used to invest in goodies, prices, lotteries, to dedicate a budget to these operations. That's agreat way to break into people's everyday lives and be reminded of, like a post-it.

How does it works ?

As Lauren Matthews explains it in this article for BizBashto receive a gift, guests follow instructions on a touch-screen interface, which prompts them to tweet at the brand’s handle along with a unique hashtag, that refreshes after each use. You can personalize by a different hashtag every item distributed by the vending machine, which emphasizes the promotion of your range, as Asos dit it with bathing suits. 


With which platforms ?

Innovative Vending Solutions has first invested Twitter. But they recently launched the Facebook and Instagram versions of their devices. 




Credits : IVS

To know more, you can visit Innovative Vending Solutions's website.

Image credits: BigStock

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