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24 Jan 2014
24 Jan 2014

A digital marketing tube map rather odd

A pertinent overview of all the aspects to consider in your digital marketing strategy from Hallam Internet.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, Hallam Internet, a digital marketing agency based in the UK designed a very impressive infography about all the parameters to take into account in order to run a successfull on-line campaign.

We found at first, rather entertaining to spot our own consultant firm on the digital map. Then we consider the overall ecosytem.
A good exercize to enlarge our vision of all the interactions and what our clients happen to face.

Digital marketing tube by Hallam Internet

 Source : http://www.hallaminternet.com/2013/digital-marketing-tube-map-a-guide-to-internet-marketing/

Pdf version, A4 and so one are available on Hallam Internet website.

Read the original article

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