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9 Aug 2014

5 mistakes people make when creating infographics

Infographics are a visual representation of data. Like to write an article, infographics has its own rules and pitfalls to avoid.

We wanted to share with you an article write by Drew Skau, on the website Entrepreneur, give us some tips for people who create infographics.

Create an infographic is not for everyone. According to Drew Skau, “many of them are designed purely as link bait with no meaningful content. Some contain content that should never be presented in the form of an image but would work much better as an html document”.

The author of the article we offers five tips for those looking to jump head in the world of infographics. There are here some things you should avoid.

Text overload

Although obviously an infographic contains many graphic, the text also has its place. But too much text will kill any infographic. The text has a support function, it accompanies the visuals. There is a tips “If you chose an image format for presenting your content, you should take full adventage of that format and use visualizations, diagrams or illustrations as the primary subject matter”.

Inaccurate charts

Charts are very important. It’s essential that data are verified. “Make sure that any charts you use are heavily proofread for best practice before you publish.”

Incoherent narrative

An infographic is more than just some text and image. Your infographic can tell a story. So your story must be high quality and be logic. The story should have a beginning, middle and end, with a smooth flow between all of the parts.

Generic appearance

Each infographics should be unique and really made by you. With internet it’s really easy to make infographics. Be creative! In summary: “Think of your infographic as a melding of journalism, data analysis and digital arts. A good infographic is an art piece worthy of hanging on a wall.”

Poor sourcing

Check your sources: inaccurate information can ruin your entire infographic. “So, what if your infographic is a bad infographic? Well, you’re risking your brand’s integrity. Text overload and generic appearances will make people associate your brand with being dull and boring.”

Do not hesitate to check our two infographics: Best times to post to post on social media and Your brand as a media, what is the ROI ? 

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